We are excited to announce a new creative project “Electric Storm 50”. This will honour the 50th anniversary of “An Electric Storm” by White Noise. Delia Derbyshire was a key figure in the White Noise trio and described by fellow band member David Vorhaus as his “teacher”. This seminal album, released on Island Records in 1969, has been cited as the first electronic pop album in the UK and has influenced many artists. The organisational development focus for this next chapter for Delia Derbyshire Day is to develop our work with people aged 16-30 years.

“Electric Storm 50” is funded by Arts Council England, The Granada Foundation & Musicians Union. Project Partners include Sound On Sound Magazine (media sponsors), Spirit Studios (DD Day 2019 MCR venue sponsor), John Rylands Library/University of Manchester (home of the DD Archive) and Brighter Sound (a residency opportunity for younger artists). Leading manufacturers Korg UK will continue as ongoing partners with loan of 2 synthesisers for education. Touring partners are Iklektik Lab (London) and Inner City Electronic Festival (Leeds).

The Manchester edition of DD Day 2019 will take place on 23 November 2019 at Spirit Studios, Manchester. 23 November is quite a special date in Delia’s career as this was the date the first episode of Dr Who was aired on BBC, as she beamed her realisation of Ron Grainer’s theme into living rooms.

“Electric Storm 50” project activities:
1. 3 artist commissions inspired by the “Electric Storm” album and Delia  – 1 invited headline artist & a public callout for 1 sound/music & 1 digital artist, aged 30 or under. New works to be performed at DD Day 2019 & touring events. Click here to meet our commissioned artists

2. DD Day 2019 “Electric Storm” Manchester event at Spirit Studios 23/11/19 with expert talk/panel discussion, audio feature and live music/digital art performances. More info at DD Day 2019 page

3. Researcher David Butler will produce “Electric Storm” audio feature about the album, its production and legacy. To be presented at DD Day 2019 events at Spirit Studios and British Library, then published online.

With thanks to our funders Arts Council England, The Granada Foundation and Musicians Union.

4. Two touring events: London (British Library) 30/11/19 and Leeds (Inner City Electronic Festival) in May/June 2020.

5. Brighter Sound electronic music residency for female* artists aged 16-25 in Manchester in January 2020. More info in due course.

6. “Electric Storm” composition and performance project with Loreto College Sept-Nov 2019, culminating in a performance at Loreto College in Manchester. This project is supported by One Education Music, Manchester Youth Music Hub, The Matthew Nicholls Foundation and Ableton. Click here for more info on the Electric Storm 50 Loreto project

We also appreciate much support in kind and contributions from our project partners Sound On Sound Magazine (media sponsors), Spirit Studios (DD Day 2019 MCR venue sponsor), John Rylands Library/University of Manchester, Brighter Sound and touring partners British Library, Iklectik Lab (London) and Inner City Electronic Festival (Leeds).

“An Electric Storm” cover artwork images presented with kind permission of Univeral Music Ltd. Images ©Island Records a division of Universal Music Ltd