Another DD Day completed, we now present to you the new art work that premiered on 23/11/21.

The new works are informed and inspired by Delia’s work, working methods and archive collection based here in Manchester, UK. We find in our work that Delia consistently inspires and stretches artists to find new realms and develop new skills. This year is no exception as all artists have put so much into their new work.

We hope you enjoy!


These works will be on our Delia Derbyshire Day Youtube channel for 2 weeks (until 6 December).

Location: Gilsland is a film by Katie Mason and Suzy Mangion, commissioned for Delia Derbyshire Day 2021. It explores the landscape around the village of Gilsland, on the Cumbria-Northumberland border where, after leaving the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in 1973,

Delia Derbyshire lived while working as a Francophone radio operator for a company installing national gas pipelines. Inspired by Derbyshire’s work, and the outmoded aesthetics of programmes for schools and colleges, continuity cards and Ceefax, it re-imagines this remote place as full of memories, folklore and feeling.

Supported by Arts Council England and The Granada Foundation.

Hybrid Ecologies: between sky and soil enters into a dialogue with the natural and technological, through the cross-pollination of material gathered from the natural world and computer generated content.

Field recordings and found sounds formed the sonic palette and emotional atmosphere of M T Hall’s sound design; blending spliced and processed live recorded sounds with analogue synthesis and digital production. Post.liang gathered raw footage from Crosby Beach and Formby National Park, combining source material with computer generated 3D imaging.

Produced in two parts, a call and response methodology influenced the making of the work, with each artist initiating the process to create new co-imagined audio-visual worlds.

Supported by Arts Council England and The Granada Foundation.


Strange Lines and Distances features music by Delia Derbyshire, video by Andrea Pazos and vocals by Matt Berry, reading an extract from Francis Bacon’s unfinished novel New Atlantis (1627).  The audio was arranged by David Butler, drawing on material from the Delia Derbyshire Archive with additional sound design by Cliff Jones, and first released as the B side for a 7″ record accompanying issue 59 of Electronic Sound magazine in 2019, which focused on Delia Derbyshire.

Strange Lines and Distances will be available on our YouTube channel indefinitely. With thanks to the Delia Derbyshire Estate for their permission to do so.