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Join us for DD Day 2020 – 23 NOVEMBER online, worldwide

Delia Derbyshire Day is pleased to announce a feast of online content to be released on Delia Derbyshire Day 2020, which has now been fixed as 23 NOVEMBER. For 23 November was the date Delia’s revolutionary realisation of Ron Grainer’s Dr Who theme first beamed into British living rooms (in 1963).

We are pleased to be able to offer a smorgasbord of Delia-n content – written, video and audio – with some leading names in music and art today. Delia consistently inspires, so we hope you will join us to honour and amplify this key figure in the development of electronic music in the UK and exciting new art she has inspired.

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Here’s an outline of what the online content to be published on our website on 23 November will include:

An interview with Segun Akinola

 An exclusive conversation with composer Segun Akinola about reimagining the Doctor Who theme tune. Dr David Butler talks with Segun about his approach to creating his arrangement of the Doctor Who theme tune and incorporating elements from Delia’s original.

Online premiere of new film by Madelon Hooykaas

We are honoured to present an online premiere of “In the Footsteps of Li Yuan-Chia & Delia Derbyshire”- a short experimental film by Madelon Hooykaas. Madelon is a video art pioneer, film maker and artist who worked with Delia (and Li Yuan-Chia) in the 1970s & 80s. There will also be a recorded video Q&A with Madelon about her work and working with Delia. The film will be available to view online for free for 1 week only (23-30 November 2020).

“During these challenging times it is important that art is being experienced.  I am very happy that “In The Footsteps” will be shown online in the context of DD Day 2020, so that people will be inspired by these special moving images and sounds.”

Madelon Hooykaas

Artist/film maker

Interview with Caroline Catz & Cosey Fanni Tutti

We are recording a video interview with actor/director Caroline Catz and composer Cosey Fanni Tutti about making the feature “Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and Legendary Tapes” which premiered at London Film Festival 2020.

Featuring a rich archive, interviews, fictional embodiment and Cosey Fanni Tutti’s psycho-sonic channelling, director Caroline Catz traces acoustic pathways on her archeological dig into Derbyshire’s resonant life.”


Review of our educational work

There will also be a couple of reviews of recent educational projects we have been involved in: a creative residency with Brighter Sound and a found sound collective composition project supported by The Matthew Nicholls Foundation. With guest articles by participants and artists involved.

Survey launch

And finally, we want to know from you what you think we can offer at this time. What do want DD Day to do? We will launch a survey welcoming your thoughts and imagination.