Very exciting new news. We are now able to announce that Quebec Arts Council are supporting Kara Blake, director of award-winning documentary The Delian Mode so that she will be able to come to the UK in January 2013.

[vimeo w=350&h=197]

She will therefore be present in person to introduce her film at our series of Delia Derbyshire events and take part in Q&A and panel discussions. Kara undertook extensive research for the documentary and also spent time with the archives held at University of Manchester so we thought it was only right to include her well-respected short experimental documentary which was the winner of the 2009 Genie Award and 2009 Hot Docs Award for Best Short Documentary.

Here’s some more info about Kara Blake working from her outfit Philtre films:

Philtre Films is the umbrella under which Kara Blake siphons her creative energy into activities such as: directing short films and music videos, collaborating on installations some might call “art”, designing and compositing visuals for moving and print media and generally contemplating how to make life look more like a View-Master.

Based in Montréal, Philtre Films has produced works screened internationally at venues including the Museum of Modern Art New York, San Francisco Art Institute, the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Independent Film Channel. Clients and collaborators include La Guérilla, CBC, NúFilms, MJSTP Films Inc., 7th Embassy, Île Blanche, Macumba International, Peaches and The World Provider.
So more to look forward to in our ever expanding smorgasbord of Delian delights!