The game was a really great way to learn about her pioneering work and her methodology, especially through being so simple in its design.”

“It’s amazing!”

“So cool !!!”

“This is fun – have a go!”

“We had such a great day. We learned a lot and had lots of fun, so that’s all you can ask for”


“Most gratifying part of DD Day workshop was the fact that girls outnumbered. If DD Day can’t inspire girls, nothing can.”


“Fantastic time making music today with found sounds”


“Fantastic day, thanks to all involved.”

The panel was superb 

you could tell from the audience reactions just how engaged people were by the

contributions from Brian, Dick and Mark.”

Andrea Pazosgraphics were absolutely mesmerizing…the bit with hands and tape. Wow!”

“Interesting to find out and see how artists interpret the heritage of Delia.”

The reception we got was marvellous and I think Delia would have been bemused and delighted at the same time. Keep up the great work!” Dick Mills, friend and colleague of Delia Derbyshire


Fascinating, very well put together. Really interesting to meet the people who worked with Delia and hear how she worked with them.”


DD Day is important for female artists to get recognition they deserve – its equality.”


“Everyone leaves inspired which is enough reason to want to keep her work alive.”


“Fascinating talks and inspiring audio+visual art at #HLFsupported @DeliaDDay. Never fail to be amazed at how much of a pioneer Delia was!”



“Events like these are important to recognise women in electronic music past and present.


“An inspiring night. You are all talented people and it was great to learn more about Delia.”


“I love how you have all interpreted Delia’s work and life through new art. It is rare to see art mixed with heritage education like this.”


“I made some awesome ideas and a dope track.”


“I enjoyed analysing the Dr Who theme and creating my own music.”

“I think the [education] project went very well and all the children really enjoyed it. It was very hands on and they particularly liked making music using random objects.”  Teaching Assistant, St Augustine’s School


Delia is inspiring because she didn’t give up”  A pupil shocked that Delia was rejected a job at Decca Records in 1959 because she was a woman

“Lots of inspiring ideas at @DeliaDDay event tonight with @dwarchivenorth


“I think the variety worked really well – the projects and perspectives were varied as was the audience. Also, no techno fails! Always a bonus.” 


“I’m overwhelmed to hear others who have a similar to passion”


“I’m blown away by everyone’s motivation to look back and look forward”

Massive thank yous to all our project partners, professionals who helped make this happen; to Heritage Lottery Fund for supporting this project, our biggest so far; thanks to Delia Derbyshire Estate for trusting us; to all participants and attendees of our activities and events; and of course thanks to Dr Delia for being such an inspiration!

Building on the successes and momentum of this 12 month project, we look forward to developing our work further.

Til the next one!

Team DD Day