DD Day 2019 artist callout 2

North West England based creative technologist, digital artist, multi-media artist aged 30 or under.

What does your Electric Storm look and feel like?

Delia Derbyshire Day is looking to commission an outstanding artist aged 30 or under. As part of our DD Day 2019 “Electric Storm 50” project, we want you to collaborate with a musician/sound artist to create an exciting new work inspired by the seminal album ‘An Electric Storm’ by White Noise. Delia Derbyshire was a key member of White Noise. The work will be performed at DD Day 2019 (23 November 2019) in Manchester and further performance opportunities could be offered. You need to show understanding of Delia’s work and working methods – you can research about Delia online. We want you to be bold and dedicated to your craft, like Delia was.

We will match you with a musician/sound artist. In collaboration, you will produce a 15-20 minute new work inspired by the Electric Storm album. You will also interact with the Delia Derbyshire Archive at John Ryland Library, Manchester. If you know a musician/sound artist, you want to work with, please mention their name in your application (they will still need to apply too). Or we can match you with the most suitable artist.

Payment of £1000 (5 days @ £200 per day) including the first performance at DD Day 2019. Further performance opportunities will be paid separately.

How to apply

On 2 sides of A4 maximum, please tell us:

  • About your work, skills and experience
  • What will your Electric Storm look like, feel like?
  • What tools and techniques will you use to create your new work?
  • What kind of music or sound artist would you like to collaborate with?
  • How are you inspired by Delia Derbyshire?
  • A link to your work – website, youtube channel etc
  • Tell us why we should choose you!

Please email your application to deliaderbyshiredayATgmail.com

Deadline for applications: midnight on 30 April

Artist selected by DD Day trustees: 17 May 2019

If you would like to ask any questions or talk about this opportunity, email Caro (project manager) at deliaderbyshiredayATgmail.com

This opportunity is funded by Arts Council England and The Granada Foundation, hence the North West England regional focus. The age limit is defined by the organisational development aspect of this project which is to develop our work with ages 16-30.