For our DD Day celebrations this year, we will be experimenting with an online edition of our almost annual event.

This will be on our newly established approximate DD day date of 23 November which is the date the first episode of Dr Who beamed Delia’s revolutionary realisation of Ron Grainer’s Dr Who theme into British living rooms.

This online happening will include:

  • An article by Dr David Butler exploring the “Delian Mythic Mode” in partnership with Electronic Sound Magazine;
  • A new short film by young people about The BBC Radiophonic Workshop (which is 60 years old this year), in partnership with One Education Music;
  • A special feature with a binaural piece of music inspired by the Delia Derbyshire Archive;
  • A podcast hosted by female:pressure including Delia’s work amongst a stellar programme of female electronic music pioneers and music inspired by them;
  • A couple of other multi-media surprises to unwrap on DD Day 2018 from the comfort of your own device;
  • An opportunity to express your love and admiration for Delia on our social media platforms!

We hope this Delia-n content we are compiling will oscillate your imaginations and continue to inform the understanding and appreciation of a key figure in the development of electronic music in the UK.

Join us on our social media platforms or sign up to our mailing list to keep in this loop. Visit our HOMEPAGE to link up. Any comments or if you would like to contribute, do get in touch!